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Admission requirements

All candidates should meet the following general requirements:
1. College or pre-college students
2. Demonstrate proficiency in English

Please note that some higher-level courses may require prerequisites. Candidates intending to apply for these courses are strongly recommended to take placement tests to make sure they are adequately prepared for them.

No additional evidence of sufficient command of English is required if you meet one of the following criteria:
- You are a native English speaker
- You have been educated through the medium of English
- You are currently studying at an institution where English is the primary language of instruction.

To assess your English language ability, a telephone interview may be required during the admission process.

General requirements:
1. College or pre-college students
The programs offered at Shanghai Normal University International Summer and Winter Session are at undergraduate level, covering a wide range of fields including mathematics, finance, sociology, psychology, art, history, and etc. They are aimed at laying a foundation for your future studies at western universities in North America, Europe and Australia.
2. Demonstrate proficiency in English
All courses are taught in English. Therefore, you must have a sufficient command of the language.
You must present one of the following qualifications in the English language:
Cambridge test.