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Many courses have at least one hourly exam or a midterm exam. Instructors administer these exams in their regular classroom at a regularly scheduled class meeting. If you miss an hourly exam or midterm, contact your instructor immediately. Instructors have varying policies regarding make-up hours and midterm exams.


A conflict occurs when you have a class, a review session, or an exam scheduled on the same day and at the same time as another exam. If you have such a conflict, complete the Examination Conflict form and submit it to Administrative Office no later than one week before the exam.

Academic Services will reschedule the exam either before or after the class or second exam depending on the time of the conflict. Please note that two exams scheduled on the same day are not considered a conflict even if they are consecutive exams.


Final exams are generally 2 hours long and are administered according to the exam schedule set by the registrar. Only students registered for undergraduate or graduate credit are allowed to take final exams.

Your instructor confirms the location of your exam since it may be held in a different room from the class meetings.

If you are unable to take your exam at the scheduled time, you may not make separate arrangements with your instructor to take the exam at an earlier or later time. Grades are not accepted for students who do this. If you cannot take your exam at the scheduled time you may be eligible to appeal for a make-up exam.

If you sit for your final exam and are unable to complete it for any reason, you are assigned a failing grade (E), or zero, for the incomplete portion of the exam. You are not allowed to complete the exam at another time or appeal for a make-up exam.

You are assigned an E for the final exam if you attend the final exam and do not submit the exam sheet.

If you do not take your final exam and did not withdraw from the course by the withdrawal deadline you are assigned a failing grade for the final exam.


You may be eligible to appeal for a make-up exam if you have unexpected circumstances of an emergency nature that prevent you from taking the exam as scheduled. You must also be in good academic standing in the course and owe no other work than the exam. This means that, except for the final exam, you have successfully completed all the other course requirements.

Appeals must include a personal statement and official documentation of the reason for missing the exam. Submit your appeal for a make-up exam no later than three calendar days after the missed exam. Late appeals may not be accepted.


Grades will be available online two weeks after the session ends. 

If you want to transfer your Summer School or Winter School grades to degree programs at Shanghai Normal University or other schools, check with your program advisors about transfer policies and procedures before registering for courses.

Grades are considered final when they are submitted to the Office of Registrar for processing; they are not changed except in cases when the instructor has documented a clerical or computational error.


Grades reflect the quality and quantity of your work submitted throughout the term according to the grading standards listed below. Undergraduate- and graduate-credit students may earn the following grades:

A+,A and A– grades represent work whose superior quality indicates a full mastery of the subject. An A represents work of extraordinary distinction.

B+, B, and B– grades represent work of good to very good quality throughout the term; however, it does not merit special distinction.

C+ , C, and C– grades indicate an average command of the course material.

D+, D, and D– grades indicate work that shows a deficiency in knowledge of the material.

F is a failing grade representing work that deserves no credit. This grade may also be assigned to students who do not submit required work in courses from which they have not officially withdrawn by the withdrawal deadline.

Score Grade Score Points
98%-100% A+ 4.3
93%-97% A 4.0
90%-92% A- 3.7
88%-89% B+ 3.3
83%-87% B 3.0
80%-82% B- 2.7
78%-79% C+ 2.3
73%-77% C 2.0
70%-72% C- 1.7
68%-69% D+ 1.3
63%-67% D 1.0
60%-62% D- 0.7
Below 60% F 0.0


All grades, with the exception of Withdrawal,are considered final when they are submitted to Office of Registrar. Ask your instructor for explanations of your grades if you believe errors were made. However, you may not submit extra work or resubmit work to improve a final grade, or have your work evaluated by a third party. Letter grades can be changed only if there is clear evidence of a computational or clerical error that is documented in writing by the instructor. You should contact Administrative Office if your attempts to speak with your instructors are unsuccessful.

Although you are entitled to an explanation of your grades, you should be careful not to harass your instructor. Repeatedly calling your instructor about a grade or additional points or telling your instructor that you need a certain grade could be considered harassment.